Euromonitor 2019 Consumer Trends Touch On Digital, Age And Environment

Euromonitor International has released its list of Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2019 that touches on a host of hot topics including digital trends and environmental issues that are expected to impact how people shop for products in the year ahead.

The trends chosen by Euromonitor are:

  • Age Agnostic: The key to winning and retaining loyalty and trust is to develop products and services that are universally accessible even when designed with older people in mind.
  • Back to Basics For Status: Consumers are searching for authentic, differentiated product and experiences that allow them to express their individuality.
  • Conscious Consumer: Is flexible and chooses for the moment.
  • Digitally Together: High-speed internet and mobile internet is driving live interactive experiences online and facilitating collaboration on large files instantly.
  • Everyone’s An Expert: Expresses the switch in power between retailer and consumer.
  • Finding My Jomo: Consumers want to be more international with their time, to set their own boundaries and be more selective in their activities.
  • I Can Look After Myself: The focus of this trend is the preventative, consumable measures against illness, unhappiness and discomfort that people can take without having to consult a professional.
  • I Want A Plastic-Free World: The durability of plastic is being scrutinized because of plastic’s polluting presence as waste in the global environment.
  • I Want It Now!: Consumers are seeking frictionless experiences that mesh with their lifestyles, allowing them to dedicate more time to their professional or social lives.
  • Loner Living: The number of single-person households will outpace the growth of all other household sizes with baby boomers expected to comprise a large share of this growth.

While identifying key consumer trends, Euromonitor also noted in its report that intelligence is a common thread linking each of the 10 trends.

“How we live is so centrally dependent on the choices available that the biggest issue we face is how to make sense of it all,” the report said. “Simplifying your options, having smooth purchasing experiences, being mindful and ultimately option out altogether are all intrinsic.”