Evine Debuts Inventor Showdown Program

Evine Live is debuting “Inventor Showdown,” a reality selling program that will feature product creators from across the country competing for the prize of top inventor.

In a retail turn, fans will vote for their favorite inventors by purchasing their creations while the show is airing, online or on their mobile devices.

Competitors will take part of a head-to-head contest in a bracket-style show format. Inventors discovered by Akos “The Solutionist” Jankura, an inventor and Evine contributor known for problem-solution products, will compete for viewers’ votes in the course of the five-week series.

“Inventor Showdown” will feature four new contestants per episode with one winner from each group moving through to the finale show. The inventors will showcase their products on the show and share personal stories related to their creations. The four qualifying rounds will air Sunday mornings with the finale airing April 8. Evine will invite the winner back to appear and sell as part of its programming.