Evine Partners With Lindsay Soko On Storage Collection

Evine will premiere “Lindsay Soko Solutions,” a storage and organization collection from inventor and entrepreneur, Lindsay Soko, on April 18 and 19.

“Lindsay Soko’s products are unique, highly demonstrable and a great value. I believe there’s a huge opportunity for us to be disruptive in the storage and organization category. Customers look to us to help make their lives better, and by delivering products that simplify everyday organizational tasks, we help them to be good to themselves,” said Bob Rosenblatt, CEO, Evine.

The collection includes Accessory Stax, a hanging vertical organizer for storing scarves, jewelry, handbags and other accessories; Shoe Stax, a solution said to accommodate two pairs of shoes into the space of just one; Boot Hanger, designed to protect, store and organize boots; Boot Snug suspenders for pant hems, keepings pants tucked inside boots; and Any Wear-it Wallet, a garter-style wallet that allows women to tuck their valuables inside their boots or around belt loops.

“There’s a real joy in simplifying your life. As an entrepreneur, wife, mother, stepmother and attorney, I know as well as anyone the benefits of streamlining and simplifying. Most of the products I’ve designed, I’ve done so out of necessity to organize the chaos of everyday life,” said Lindsay Soko. “I can’t wait to show women everywhere that taking control and becoming more organized can be feminine and elegant, as well as functional and practical.”

“Lindsay Soko Solutions” premieres on Evine April 18 at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET and April 19 at noon ET.