Evine Rebrands To ShopHQ

iMedia Brands has officially completed the on-air rebranding of its flagship, nationally distributed shopping entertainment network to ShopHQ (formerly Evine), capping a six-week awareness campaign with its customers across its television, online, mobile and social media platforms.

“Our customer stands at the forefront of our turnaround here,” said Tim Peterman, CEO of iMedia Brands. “I am proud of how our management team utilized customer feedback to formulate this five-part rebranding effort designed to improve engagement with new and existing customers.”

The recent changes include the new name, sets and hosts. In November, the company is planning to roll out an exclusive, new loyalty program called ShopHQ VIP. The program will enable customers to earn cash back, enjoy free shipping and participate in discounts at other retailers in its loyalty network.

A new website is being rolled out, and over the next three months, customers will begin to see improvements to the interactive experiences on all platforms, from desktop to mobile and from home page to e-mails.

To celebrate the rebranding, the company will have an on-air ShopHQ Launch Party where it will offer customers special programming and promotional deals.