Evolving Bridal Registry Creates Personal Connections

The evolution of bridal registry today centers on one word: Experience.

As the retail world continues to study and decipher the shopping habits and needs of Millennials, understanding how today’s younger consumer researches and selects home goods is crucial to e-commerce and brick-and-mortar outlets that are looking to gain an edge in the bridal marketplace.

In recent years, retailers have been challenged to shift bridal registry programs from a largely store-based activity to one that is digitally driven. With young couples accustomed to shopping online and their mobile devices for products, the need to personalize the experience of developing a wedding registry is crucial, retailers told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.

Harmony Walton, founder of The Bridal Bar, predicted that couples will continue to ask for more personalized experiences in all aspects of the wedding planning experience, including registry.

“It’s no longer simply ordering fine china because it’s formal, but instead because there’s a personal connection to the product or experience to it,” she said.

That personal connection is key not only when assisting registrants in finding the right products and housewares, but also when developing their registry page. Many retailers today are allowing couples to post family photos, share their likes and also write notes to wedding guests.

While personalization has come to the fore, bridal experts said it is important to provide an experience that is of high quality and authentic. Understanding each couple’s needs while also educating them on the basics is vital to the success of a retailer’s wedding registry program, experts said.

“Personalization is inseparable to the Amazon customer experience,” said Carmen Nestares, general manager, Amazon kitchen and wedding registry. “It allows us to develop a deep understanding of our customers penchants based on their shopping preferences. We use this insight to bring to the forefront the most relevant and personalized product recommendations to our customers.”

For the The Bridal Experience report, see the February 13, 2017, issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.