EXCLUSIVE: Beaussant Named New President Of PSP Peugeot

Spice and coffee mills and wine accessories manufacturer PSP Peugeot has announced that Antoine Beaussant, a French businessman and entrepreneur, has been named president of the company. 

With Beaussant’s appointment in January 2015, the Peugeot family, who started in the industry in 1810, has reassumed majority ownership of the company, which had previously been owned by a company called Orion. According to Beaussant, Orion’s financial difficulties led to the family’s decision to take back control of the company and usher in a new era for the brand. 

Prior to joining Peugeot, Beaussant was president of Buffet Crampon, a French manufacturer of premium woodwind instruments sold worldwide. Before that, he was an Internet pioneer in France and had launched, ran, and invested in multiple start-ups, including Nart, an art auction site that he founded in 1999. With strengths in technology, Beaussant plans to utilize his background to modernize Peugeot’s systems and grow the company’s U.S. business. 

“I came from a company where the U.S. was our number one market, with 25% of global business. I am convinced that the U.S. should be the top market for Peugeot,” Beaussant told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS. “Peugeot offers an outstanding brand and a great heritage. It is an opportunity to modernize and develop a traditional brand for the next century.”

For more on Beaussant and Peugeot, see the upcoming March 16 edition of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS.