Exclusive: Fissler Poised For Future U.S. Growth

Fissler, a German brand of cookware, is gearing up for a more prevalent market presence in the U.S. The company recently named James McArdle to the post of interim managing director of Fissler USA. Additionally, the brand has ramped up expansion efforts to increase capacity moving forward.

“There is a lot of change happening right now and we are excited. We know that cookware in the U.S. is a very competitive business, but Fissler has its own story,” McArdle told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS in an exclusive interview.

Fissler is in the process of upgrading its U.S. ERP system to better integrate with the company’s German headquarters, while also adding a new 3PL warehouse provider, which will be effective September 1. The plan, explained McArdle, is to better help connect the company to the independent retail market.

“We have a very strong new product pipeline, which has a very different design and style. We want to be able to provide premium retail and independents with these products as efficiently as possible,” he said.

One of the new products, the Pure-Profi collection of premium stainless steel cookware, is designed with both elegance and functionality in mind, as many of Fissler’s products are, said McArdle.

“We have the markings for measurements, while the shape of the handles and the rivets are a sign of quality. We want to communicate that to the market— that both design and function are very important. With a Made-in-Germany product, we are particularly confident in our product quality as well as the integrity of our supply chain,” he said.

McArdle has held several high-ranking positions at luxury brands including Tumi and Stokke.