Exclusive: Goodful Brand Engaging Health Focused Home Cooks At Macy’s

Epoca International has been tapped to be the manufacturer of non-electric housewares for Buzzfeed’s new brand Goodful. The line will officially launch this month at Macy’s, however, products are already being rolled out on the Macy’s website.

The new brand follows the partnership that Epoca formed with Buzzfeed after announcing earlier this year that it would be manufacturing non-electric goods for Tasty, a social media-based food-centric platform that is geared towards Millennials who want to have a fun experience in the kitchen. The Tasty line debuted at Walmart.

Goodful is also a food-centric Buzzfeed brand, however, unlike Tasty, Goodful’s target is a more mature home cook that also tends to have healthy eating on the mind. “The brand Goodful is a health and wellness brand and it’s definitely the right trend that’s going on right now and it’s the right trend with Millennials,” Brian Melzer, president, Epoca, told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®. “The Goodful brand is based on inspiring people to make healthier choices in their everyday life in simple and achievable ways.”

“We see consumers engaging online in a very different format than they were; a lot of that is driven by Millennials and Gen Z. These groups live on their phones and they really don’t know a life outside of social media. Brands are engaging with consumers all day, every day. This is the third brand license that we’ve launched and now we are aiming for an upscale product and a discussion about healthy living,” Melzer said.

Healthy living has been a trend in home cooking and home entertaining for several years as the older Millennial, as well as the Millennial parent, have become more conscious of what they are eating and preparing for their families.

“Healthy living is one of the fastest growing verticals in social media. This is a very specific vertical and it is engaging online. We are trying to use these massive engagements not only to build up the audience and brand recognition, but we also want to drive people into the store. It’s an online to offline philosophy. It’s telling people that there is something interesting and engaging at the store and they should go check it out,” Melzer said.

As for that store experience, Buzzfeed strategically went with Macy’s, not only because of their target customer, but because Macy’s is making the investment to make the brand stand out amongst others in the market.

“What they’re doing in 100 of the stores— the cookware will be in all 500 stores, but in these 100— is they actually built an entire shop. They want people to come into the store and have an experience and engage with Goodful,” he said. Engaging with the brand doesn’t stop at the shopping experience, Melzer added.

Macy’s is taking its cue from restaurants, museums and other pubic places by creating an “Instagrammable moment,” as well as offering plenty of activities and demonstrations surrounding Goodful.

The Goodful collection will be launching with 32 SKUs in cookware, bakeware, cutlery, kitchen tools, multi-functional kitchen gadgets and hydration. In addition to Epoca’s license, Cuisinart will be providing electrics for the Goodful brand, Welspun will be manufacturing textiles and AeroGarden will also have products under the Goodful license, including a countertop garden.