EyeVac Debuts Touchless Vacuuming Trash Bin

The EyeVac Touchless Vacuum lineup has been expanded with the introduction of the EyeVac+, said by the company to be the only trash bin that cleans floors.

EyeVac+ showcases touchless operation via motion sensors. The vacuum, featuring a 100-watt motor,  is activated automatically when debris is swept in front of the opening at the base of the trash bin.

A multi-filtration system returns clean air for a healthier home, and the bagless vacuum canister is equipped with lifetime vacuum filters, according to EyeVac.

The high-capacity trash bin with a motion-detecting lid sensor is made from finger-print resistant stainless steel.
The model comes with 20 EyeVac trash bin liners (standard bags can also be used).

“This newest member of the EyeVac line combines the strength, beauty and practical functionality of stainless-steel, in a sleek, sophisticated unobtrusive appliance that complements any home-décor,” said Terry Jones, CEO of JPaulJones, L.P., U.S. distributor of the EyeVac line.

Protected by current and pending U.S. and International Patents, EyeVac+ is owned by EyeVac Holdings, LLC and distributed in the U.S. and international markets by JPaulJones, LP.