Fagor Rolls Out Helix Pressure Cooker

Fagor is rolling out its redesigned and relaunched Helix stovetop pressure cooker.

According to the company, the stainless steel pressure cooker is designed with two pressure settings, 15PSI (high) and 8PSI (low), an automatic pressure release, a max-line indicator that shows the filling capacity of the cooker, a pressure indicator and an automatic universal self-locking mechanism. The Helix pressure cooker also features an automatic pressure release valve and a 10-inch diameter base for ideal browning and searing, the company said.

“We are excited about the newest addition to our pressure cooking collection,” said Sara de La Hera, vp/sales and marketing, Fagor. “This new unit is another vessel in your culinary arsenal that provides healthy and efficient cooking.”

The suggested retail prices for the Fagor Helix pressure cookers begin at $149.95.