Far-Reaching Rewards Of A Winning Design

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Housewares Designs Awards, which are announced in the February 17 edition of HomeWorld Business.

One of the most rewarding aspects of hosting the Housewares Design Awards during the past 11 years has been the delight and gratitude of the winners and finalists whose products are displayed during the annual gala and awards ceremony.

That was evident again as the 2014 Housewares Design Awards were presented earlier this month at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square.

Important Advancements

For the finalists and winners on hand, it was an affirmation of an admirable objective and challenging process to design, develop and market distinctive products that in some way make household life a little better. And, if all goes according to plan, they will make retailers lives a little better, too.

As noted many times before, the Housewares Design Awards is a competition that doesn’t judge the size of the company. The list of this year’s winners is testament to the fact that important housewares design advancements are being cultivated everywhere from entrepreneurial studios to corporate boardrooms.

If the Housewares Design Awards program has helped coax the inner designer out of a business too often caught up in operational challenges then that is another reward to the industry. 

How nice is it to see big companies celebrating designers once relegated to back rooms far removed from decision-makers? And how nice is it to still see inventors breaking through the barriers of a consolidated business on the merits of their unique designs?

The industry deserves big thanks for supporting the Housewares Design Awards program, and, more importantly, for supporting a commitment to better design that makes a program such as the Housewares Design Awards possible.

There are many others to thank for this year’s Housewares Design Awards campaign:

To the judges for approaching their responsibility with devout accountability as they put every entry to the test to determine the finalists and winners.

To sponsors NY NOW and Whitford Corporation for championing the pursuit and celebration of design improvement.

To Cathy Steel and Jordan Veach of Cathy Steel Associates for their tireless entry and judging coordination. 

Media Campaign

To Mark and Cora Passis and the team at The Merchandise Center (TMC) for providing an ideal host venue for the judging.

To Linda Field, Kristyn Fuller, Maureen Burke and the Field Marketing & Media team for a thorough consmer media campaign that is already working for finalists and winners. 

To the ICD Publications, HomeWorld Business and Gourmet Insider teams for their dedication to produce, promote and cover the Housewares Design Awards.

And to Paul Murphy for keeping the awards gala and luncheon on track.

Congratulations once again to this year’s winners.