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Farm To Table Movement Inspires New Rosanna Collection

Rosanna is heading back to its tabletop roots with the launch of several dinnerware collections for the fall and winter season.

The collections include its new Artist Sketchbook: Farm To Table line, which is said to reflect and encourage mindful eating and contemporary tastes, such as shared plates, communal dining, small plates and plant-based, one-dish meals.

“Right now we’re seeing the emergence of a new way of dining,” said Rosanna Bowles, founder and creative director of Rosanna. “A lot of influence comes from the Danish concept of hygge— being cozy together and enjoying the satisfaction of homemade food you worked to prepare yourself. That’s why this line emphasizes time spent close to the earth, marveling at the beauty of the food we eat.”

According to the company, the line celebrates the aesthetics of the garden, with each piece featuring freeform studies of vegetables along with their Latin names and painterly swatches of color. The line includes big bowls, mugs, 4.5-inch and 6-inch small plates, spice vessels, and serving platters in a variety of shapes and sizes. All-white dinner plates and soup bowls are embossed with subtle images of vegetables and plants along with clear water and wine glasses embossed with leggy wildflowers.

“We put a lot of care into the paintings featured in this line,” Bowles said. “We wanted to conjure the scribblings from the notebook belonging to someone with an artist’s eye. We designed Artist Sketchbook: Farm to Table from the point of view of someone who revels in visual wonders of the garden, thinks of food as art, and creates meals for how they look as much as how they taste.”