FHI Heat Engages Fans At One Direction Concerts

FHI Brands recently ran three interactive, on-screen, 30-second FHI Heat spots during One Direction’s final five U.S. concerts in Ohio, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. The spots were shown during set changes and just before the British music group took the stage.

To further engage with concertgoers and fans of both the hair care brand and the group, FHI Heat asked the audience to interact with them via Instagram during the spots. Via social media channels, consumers were given a chance to win $1,000 in FHI Heat products.

“Our interactive spots during One Direction’s final concerts in the U.S. were perfect because FHI Heat believes in celebrating the beauty of women. We believe in the gift of making people feel special. This is not a one-time program,” said FHI Brands president and CEO Shauky Gulamani. “Everyone who connected with us is now a part of the FHI Heat family. We will continue engaging with our followers and offering them more opportunities to win FHI Heat products.”