Fiesta Dinnerware Rebrands As Fiesta Tableware Company

Fiesta Dinnerware has rebranded as the newly formed Fiesta Tableware Company. The reinvention follows the recent acquisition of the former Homer Laughlin China Company food service operations by Steelite International, a British company.

“In an ever evolving business environment, opportunities present themselves for companies to transform and grow through strategic planning and decisive action,” said Elizabeth McIlvain, president, The Fiesta Tableware Company. “The timing was right for us. We have made a bold move to redouble our retail efforts and to free up needed resources to achieve our retail goals.”

While Steelite is assuming manufacturing and sales responsibilities for the two food service brands, the Homer Laughlin China Company and the Hall China Company, the existing Fiesta retail business is not part of the sale. The acquisition does not have any effect on the Fiesta brand.

The Fiesta Tableware Company will continue to operate in Newell, WV, as a retail-only tabletop and giftware manufacturer. In addition to the Fiesta brand, The Fiesta Tableware Company also will manufacture and sell other tableware designs to the retail market.

“With the ability to focus exclusively on the retail side of our business, we are poised to exploit new opportunities for growth in the marketplace, further develop our private label and OEM programs, offer more exclusive pieces for our retail partners, provide a more robust product assortment to our entire retail customer base, seek out new retail partners, and expand our relationships with existing retail and OEM partners,” said Rich Brinkman, vp/sales and marketing, The Fiesta Tableware Company.

In addition, Brinkman said the new exclusive focus on retail products frees up much needed production time to answer previous challenges in special retail markets.