Fiesta Pushes Back Butterscotch Tableware Shipments

The Fiesta Tableware Company is pushing back the first roll out of the new colored Butterscotch tableware to July 1 (previously June 1).

Due to COVID-19, the factory has been temporarily shut down since March to protect employees from the spread of the virus. This delay has in turn caused a halt in production and packaging.

“We are hopeful that our factory will be back up and running, with approval from the governor of West Virginia and new safety precautions, by the end of May to ensure the new Butterscotch shipping dates,” said Rich Brinkman, vp/sales and marketing of The Fiesta Tableware Company. “The safety of our employees is our main concern. Thank you for your understanding.”

According to the company, pre-sale orders may now be taken June 15, previously May 15. Shipping to retailers will begin mid-June and cancel dates will need to be adjusted accordingly.