Finex Adds Skillet With Lid Combination

Finex Cast Iron, which is now owned by Lodge, is adding a new skillet and lid combination for its 8-inch cast iron skillet.

According to Finex, the 8-inch skillet is half the weight of its 12-inch skillet with lid and its compact size makes it easy to manage for cooking eggs or searing steaks. Dual rings on the underside of each lid collect steam that boils off and drip it evenly back onto the dish, the company said, while the pan’s eight rounded corners serve as pour spouts that seal up tight or serve as evenly spaced steam vents with the lid.

The 8-inch skillet with lid combination is available for a suggested retail price of $200. The lid is also available separately for those consumers who have the 8-inch skillet. The suggested retail price for the lid is $75.