Fissler Lowers Price, Boosts Recipes For Souspreme Multi Pot

Following the launch of its Souspreme Multi Pot this past spring, Fissler has augmented pricing of the unit while boosting its recipe development in an effort to further engage with consumers, company officials said.

“The reaction from independent retailers to the Souspreme confirms that adding sous vide to a quality multi-pot is a winning idea,” said Chris Robason, managing director of Fissler America. “As the category evolves and grows, we’ve lowered the suggested retail to $99.95, while upgrading resources to enhance the user experience.”

When launched earlier this year, the Souspreme Multi Pot was priced at $149.99.

Company officials said the Souspreme can be used for a wide range of multi-pot recipes from a variety of sources for sous vide, steaming, sautéing, slow cooking, chicken, meat, rice, multigrains, soups, baking, yogurt, and more.

Fissler has also developed a host of new recipes that are available on the company’s website. They include sous vide steak, sous vide ratatouille, lobster asparagus risotto and vegetarian chili.