Fissler Stovetop Pressure Cookers Take Top Honors

Two Fissler stovetop pressure cookers have recently been recognized by two German consumer products testing organizations: Stiftung Warentest and ETM Testmagazin. The Vitaquick and Vitavit cookers were both recognized.

Stiftung Warentest is a German consumer organization focused on unbiased testing and comparison of consumer products. In a 2020 feature on stovetop pressure cookers, it highlighted both Fissler models for strong results in all categories tested.

ETM Testmagazin tested the Fissler Vitaquick pressure cooker in 2020, giving it an excellent rating. They called out its fast build-up to the ideal pressure level and temperature, and even heat distribution.

“For the last few years, American consumers have been discovering the benefits of pressure cooking. Now they’re increasingly wanting the best in pressure cooking, and that’s where Fissler comes in. Whether it’s our top-selling Vitaquick or our newer Vitavit, Fissler sets the standard in quality, convenience and design,” said James McArdle, interim managing director at Fissler America.