Fitbit Advances Aria Smart Scale

Fitbit has unveiled its updated Aria 2 WiFi Smart Scale, which connects to the brand’s app to support the user’s health and fitness goals.

The smart scale is an FDA regulated medical device, according to the company, said to help users track and understand body composition including weight, body fat percentage, lean mass and BMI.

The improved accuracy is said to help users better measure weight, track body composition and view results in the Fitbit app to see trends and recognize if users are gaining muscle, burning fat and achieving long-term results. The scale also utilizes a Bluetooth connection for quick and easy setup and compatibility across more Wi-Fi networks with stats that sync automatically to a Fitbit dashboard, the company said.

The scale features a new sleek profile and bright display to view stats and updated interface that now includes personalized icons and greetings for added motivation. The unit also supports up to eight different users while individual data stays private.

The Aria 2 scale works with all Fitbit devices and the app so users can view activity, exercise, sleep, heart rate, nutrition, weight data and trends over time. Through the app, users can also log nutrition, use calorie coaching and compare food consumption and exercise against weight trends. The app also offers personalized guidance, support and tailored insights including personal goal settings, community encouragement and guided health programs.

“Our users have great success when using our app, trackers and scale together to help achieve their health and fitness objectives, with 70% of daily Aria users losing weight in the first six months,” said Jon Oakes, vp/product at Fitbit. “With a simplified set-up and best-in-class accuracy, Aria 2 is a complement to the Fitbit portfolio of leading health and fitness products, giving you another tool to stay accountable and be empowered to achieve your goals.”

The new smart scale is available in black and white, and is available for presale on for a suggested retail price of $129.95. It will be available at retailers beginning this fall, including Amazon, Best Buy and Brookstone.