Fits The Occasion Tiles Work In Multiple Circumstances

The home is more of a hub for many consumers than it has been in many years, as they seek shelter from a sluggish economy. Fits for the Occasion Tiles are products that address multiple domestic functions.

Fits for the Occasion ceramic label tiles roll as a fresh line of stylish, erasable ceramic accent labels with interchangeable, magnetically attached motif designs. The product can enhance home entertaining as dinner table place cards for guests, descriptive accessories for dishes offered and other home entertainment uses, and for many other entertaining applications besides, even as mundane as leaving conspicuous messages.

Besides what can be written on them, Fits for the Occasion tiles are customizable for setting and occasion because motif symbols that can be mounted on the tile come in a variety of designs. Currently, purchasers can customize the product by using one of 16 different motifs to fit any party, gathering or even everyday occasion.

Fits for the Occasion Tiles come in two sizes, 6 inch by 8 inch MessageTile size and 2.25 inch by 3.75 inch PlaceTile size. Suggested retail prices range from $14.95 to $38.95, depending on size and style.