Freeheart Releases New Insulated Drinkware

Freeheart is releasing two new double-walled drink containers designed for everyday use.

The new 8-ounce Mini tumbler features an optional clear travel lid that enables it to be taken on-the-go. The tumbler is designed to keep drinks cold or hot for hours at a time, the company said. Its compact dimensions enable it to fit in smaller or less nimble hands. It will have a suggested retail price of $7.99 for non-licensed designs.

The new 8-ounce Multi is a multi-use container intended for use as an ice cream cup. The container is said to keep ice cream cold and creamy longer than single wall ice cream bowls. It can also be used for fruit cups, shrimp cocktails, pudding and gelatins, egg nog cocktails and similar items. It has a suggested retail price starting at $7.99 for stock designs.

“These new silhouettes enable retailers to offer even more variety to their consumers with eye-catching designs that have stopping power in any retail environment,” said Rainer Kuhn, president of Freeheart Drinkware. “We believe that we’ve hit the right combination of style, design and pricepoint to build another successful category for our retail partners.”