Friedrich Advances Smart Air Conditioner Lineup

At the 2019 National Hardware Show, Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. unveiled its updated and expanded Wi-Fi-enabled room air conditioner product lineup.

The line includes updates for the Friedrich Kühl line, which will now offer integrated Wi-Fi capabilities. Kühl’s advanced connectivity goes beyond enabling customers to remotely control their units via computers and smart phones. Users can set schedules, and even group multiple units so that they can be singularly controlled as a form of building management, similar to a larger central system.

The company also is incorporating the same technology as part of its WallMaster line this year. WallMaster is a through-the-wall air conditioner unit designed exclusively to fit into a 27-inch sleeve.

Updated for 2019, Friedrich’s Chill Premier and Uni-Fit lines also will have Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing customers to control the air conditioners with their smart devices.

For all of its Wi-Fi-enabled product lines, Friedrich is unveiling an updated, simple-to-use wireless platform interface, making it intuitive for customers to control their air conditioners easily via their smart devices. Friedrich’s new platform will also be compatible with both Amazon Echo and Google Home.