Friedrich Develops Energy Saving Programs For Kühl Air Conditioner

As the summer arrives, Friedrich Air Conditioning continues to develop partnerships with utilities for consumers that use the company’s smart grid-ready Kühl room air conditioner, which can be controlled with a smart application.

One such program, for example, is through a San Antonio utility, CPS Energy. Customers who purchase a Kühl air conditioner at Conn’s stores can enroll in the CPS Energy Kühl AC Program and receive up to $500 in savings, according to the company.

Area residents can purchase a Kühl air conditioner at San Antonio Conn’s stores at a discount price and also get a free wireless FriedrichLink adapter ($49 value) that enables residents to remotely control the AC via mobile app, while also participating in the utility’s demand response program.

Friedrich also recently partnered with ThinkEco to curtail energy use through Con Edison’s coolNYC demand response program in New York City.

“The Kühl is popular across the country for its energy-saving features with a mobile app, so we are very excited that it can make a difference in our hometown thanks to this partnership with CPS Energy and Conn’s,” said Wink Chapman, Friedrich vp/sales and marketing.

In related news, Friedrich recently opened a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art Design and Development Center in San Antonio. The HVAC laboratory will serve as a product testing facility, which includes product performance testing, energy efficiency analysis, sound measurement, reliability and product safety testing, certification testing and application testing at specified environmental conditions.