Frieling Brings Zassenhaus Hot & Cold Brew Infuser To U.S.

Frieling is bringing the Zassenhaus Hot & Cold Brew Infuser to the U.S. market. The company is the exclusive North American distributor for Zassenhaus.

The Hot & Cold Brew Infuser is a multifunctional set designed to perform double duty as both a brewer and a serving carafe. With a 34-ounce capacity, the brewer makes up to eight cups of coffee. It has a micro-etched fine stainless steel filter that is said to preserve the coffee’s full aroma and eliminate the need for paper filters. Once the coffee is brewed to taste, the infuser is removed.

The system can also be used to make cold brew coffee. The fineness of the etched infuser complements extended brew time associated with cold brews, the company said. The glass carafe is 9.4 inches tall and features a large curved handle.

The Zassenhaus Hot & Cold Brew Infuser ships in a box, with a suggested retail price of $54.95. It will be available for shipment.