Frieling Debuts Cilio Cheese Party Raclette

Frieling is debuting the Cilio Cheese Party Raclette to the U.S. market. The company is the exclusive North American distributor of Cilio.

Designed for two, the raclette is said to be inspired by the European tradition of heating cheese at the table and scraping just-melted cheese off the top. The cheese is then paired with boiled or steamed potatoes, vegetables, charcuterie, gherkin pickles and other ingredients.

The set comes with a sturdy base and two non-stick coated pans that can melt two types of cheeses. Also included are two tealight candles to warm the pans and two spatulas for scraping melted cheese. The base is styled with horizontal venting, which provides protection from candle flames. Safety features include handles on the pans and the base.

The raclette comes in matte black with stainless accents and natural wooden handles. It comes with two pans, two scrapers and one frame. It is available for immediate shipment, with a suggested retail price of $21.95.