Frieling Debuts Cilio Cheese Raclette Set

Frieling has debuted the Cilio cheese raclette set. The set melts cheese and keeps it warm for spreading on bread, crackers or bruschetta.

The set combines black metal and oak wood, with stainless steel accents on the oak wood handle. The base contains three standard tea light candles that are said to gently heat cheese without scorching. The sides of the base fold open or closed for storage and portability. The pan has a nonstick coating and features a fold-out wood handle. It comes with a black scraper to spread the melted cheese.

“There are a number of consumer trends that tell us the time is right for the Cilio raclette set. People are looking for gourmet food experiences that are fast, easy and fun, without fuss. Plus, there are more fine cheeses from around the world on the market, and this is a great way to sample them at their best,” said Monika Schnacke, CEO of Frieling USA.

The Frieling Cilio cheese raclette set comes gift-boxed with a suggested retail price of $19.95 and is available for immediate shipment.