G-Kup Launches Compostable Single-Serve Pod

Vancouver-based G-Kup Technology has achieved “commercial ready status” for its patented “rigid cup” beverage pod designed to be garden compostable.

According to the company, G-Kup worked with scientists from the University of British Columbia to develop an “end-to-end solution” for the global beverage pod market. The G-Kup pod is said to be compostable after 12 weeks.

“[This] is an important milestone for G-Kup and consumers everywhere as we move towards making single serve packaging completely garden compostable, something that has never been achieved before,” said Darren Footz, the company’s CEO. “We are excited to be working with companies and showing them just how easy it is to incorporate G-Kup’s patented packaging technology into their business, as they rethink their value chain and make compostability a top priority.”

G-Kup’s patented product design works with all single serve beverage products (filtered and non-filtered) including coffee, tea, and soluble drinks (hot chocolate, cappuccino etc.), the company said.