Gaia Brings Disney Designer’s Artwork To Children’s Dinnerware

Gaia Group USA has launched the World of Mary Blair, which consists of 12 new children’s dinnerware pieces based on licensed artwork from the estate of Disney’s legendary designer, Mary Blair.

Mary Blair is best known for her work as the designer of the Disneyland attraction, “It’s a Small World” and for her concept designs on the Disney films Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Cinderella, and her art supervision for The Three Caballeros.

“Families, particularly today, have a craving for things that feel a little safer, a little more traditional, a little bit happier. Mary Blair artwork represents an innocent time when families were traditional. It represents happy children doing happy things, the opportunity to enjoy fantasy,” said Stuart McFaul, vp/marketing, Gaia Group.

The new World of Mary Blair dinnerware includes 5-piece dinnerware sets, straw cups and sippy cups in the following patterns: Juice Girl, Doll Girl, Trains and Elephants. The suggested retail prices for the World of Mary Blair collection are: the children’s sets, $39.99, the sippy cup, $6.99, and the straw cup, $8.99. The collection is now available to independent retailers and select online retailers.

For more on the Gaia Group, see the November 21 issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.