Gaming/Maker’s Furniture Gets Big Play At High Point Market

A major part of what mass-market furniture producers wanted to showcase at the Fall High Point Market was gaming.

Dorel Industries introduced its NTense brand at the market including gaming desks and chairs. It has previously introduced some gaming furniture, but the fall market marked the introduction of furniture under the new brand identity. NTense furniture features sleek looks, RGB light bars, built-in speakers and accessories included to enhance a gamer’s play environment.

Z-Line made perhaps the splashiest introduction in the gaming segment by bringing Darth Vader into the showroom for the introduction of its licensed Star Wars furniture. Licensed from Disney, the Star Wars desks and chairs, six of each at introduction, builds out an existing gaming portfolio. The debut of the licensed items follows Z-Line’s recent rollout of the ZLD gaming furniture brand, which itself follows on early unbranded product debuts aimed at the digital player.

OSP Home has built out gaming, as well as similarly conceived maker’s desks, and demonstrated that at market. The company has gaming that interests younger consumers, as can maker’s furniture that helps a growing number of consumers bring designs they conceive to life as a hobby or as a business. OSP didn’t just figure flash into its gaming and maker furniture but comfort and function including the ability to mount those tools necessary to the purposes of purchasers.

It should be noted that all the gaming furniture vendors are looking beyond style to substance, including ergonomics to suit young and middle aged product purchasers.