Gaming Furniture Key To Z-Line Designs Expansion

HIGH POINT, NC— In a trending turn on some of the core furniture categories it produces, Z-Line Designs is touting a new collection of Star Wars gaming desks and chairs for the Fall High Point Market amid an introductory slate that complements and expands beyond the licensed lineup.

Gaming will take a central position in the Z-Line showroom for the fall market, but the company isn’t narrowly fixated. Rather, the company has taken gaming as inspiration to help it generate new design ideas across key product segments.

Z-Line is introducing six Star Wars desk and coordinating chair pairings at market. The products sport Star Wars motifs, such as the Death Star, and construction elements, such as desk legs elaborated with a Tie fighter look. Colorways suggests that the products are inclined toward the Dark Side of the Force, with five of the six coordinated desk and chair pairings in black and gray, and the other clad in gray hues.

The Star Wars debuts come on the heels of Z-Line’s recent rollout of the ZLD gaming furniture brand, which itself follows on early unbranded product debuts aimed at the digital gamer. As its gaming furniture evolved, Z-Line refined earlier utilitarian and aesthetic features aimed at gamers in developing ZLD furniture, adding more storage, new finishes, updated configurations, enhanced constructions and fresh color applications in response to market feedback.

At the fall market, Rick Lamb, vp/merchandising, said that Z-Line is expanding its “incredibly successful” gaming desk lineup with products in addition to the Star Wars merchandise. Showroom visitors can expect to see different configurations, sizes and finishes versus what has come before. The company also is incorporating distinct accessories as part of each new desk. Lamb noted that Z-Line’s retail partners and consumers have embraced “the full-featured nature of our gaming desks.”

At the same time, Z-Line is expanding its gaming chair assortment with additional big and tall options and chairs incorporating LED lighting.

Lamb noted that each Z-Line gaming desk can do double duty as a functional if colorful workstation in the small office/home office environment. However, the company is coming out with new work-style desks that integrate functions such as charging and tablet storage.

As with desks, gaming chairs also can serve as executive chairs. Beyond that, Z-Line is introducing office chairs across a broad spectrum. Among the new products is seating designed specifically in the executive chair format across a variety of colors and sizes, including big and tall. Z-Line also is boosting its presence in value office chairs.

“We have had tremendous success with opening price fashion desk chairs,” Lamb said, “and are adding new ones in fun fabrics including metallic.”

In the meantime, Z-Line also is growing its recently developed line of TV stands with LED lights. Z-Line designed the latest versions to house the various gaming consoles on the market. Introductions come in a range of styles and finishes.

Beside the gaming-inspired items, Z-Line is introducing new TV stands in upmarket finishes and sizes. The TV stand introduction will be Z-Line’s most expansive in the segment for quite a while, Lamb said, and includes some items of generous scale.

“We are seeing a resurgence in larger-sized TV stands and are looking to capitalize accordingly,” he said.