Garmin Expands Wearable Fitness Lineup

Garmin has added to its vívosmart lineup of fitness trackers with the launch of the vívosmart 3, an activity tracker with an ultra-slim design and new tracking features.

According to the company, the device features a hidden display only visible when activated via gestures, alerts or notifications. When not in use, the screen disappears from view.

The fitness tracker is also said to be the first in the company’s lineup of fitness trackers to feature VO2 max, a measurable indication of aerobic performance. Users will see their VO2 max score translated into a fitness level, ranging from poor to superior. VO2 max is also used to calculate fitness age, a relatable metric that puts a user’s fitness level in terms of an age, the company said.

“Health conscious customers are becoming more interested in the meaning behind their activity stats,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vp/worldwide sales. “As in, I like seeing the data, but how does it correlate to my overall wellbeing? With its new fitness and wellness monitoring tools that tell you things like fitness age and stress level, the vívosmart 3 is able to provide users with those answers.”

The fitness tracker also features wellness monitoring, which provides all-day stress tracking, Move IQ, which allows the device to automatically recognize activities like walking, running, biking, swimming and elliptical training and also includes a new strength training activity that lets users stay focused on their form and does the rep counting for them.

The vívosmart 3 automatically syncs with the Garmin Connect mobile app, a free online community where users can track their workouts, stress levels, sleep patterns and join online challenges. Users can also receive Garmin Connect Insights, smart wellness insights personalized to each user that provide cues to help them reach goals.

The vívosmart 3 is offered in black and purple colors, and is available for purchase at major retailers nationwide with a suggested retail price of $139.99.