GE Appliances Develops Connected Bakeware

GE Appliances has debuted connected bakeware at the Smart Kitchen Summit.

FirstBuild, a global co-creation community backed by GE Appliances, has created a line of bakeware that will send the user notifications when the food is ready, according to the company.

“Right now, we are using our prototypes to test and develop traditionally difficult to bake items such as cheesecakes and quiches— and the results have been delicious,” said Chris Naber, product developer, FirstBuild. “We will soon be expanding our testing to breads, pies and other popular baked goods. This will truly take the guesswork out of baking and is ideal for anyone from pastry chefs to first-time cakemakers.”

According to media outlet CNET, the pans will contain a removable sensor that connects to GE’s Wi-Fi-enabled ovens. The sensor monitors the internal temperature of the food while it cooks and it will send an alert when the food has reached the proper temperature.

Currently, the connected bakeware is only available in a cake pan and isn’t set to hit the market until 2018.