Gefu To Showcase Transforma Mincers, Graters At Housewares Show

Gefu will offer its new Transforma series of culinary tools at the upcoming International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago.

The Transforma meat mincer has a specially-designed conveyor and interior thread that is said to make the meat mincer easy to operate. It has a self-grinding mincer knife, two extra grinding plates (coarse and fine), a pusher, spritz biscuit attachment and a sausage stuffer. The meat grinder has an extra-high base for use with high-rimmed bowls, and has a suction foot and table clamps for stability. There is also a rotary grater attachment for the meat mincer. It has three drums for grating raw food and a bayonet fastener for retooling.

The company is also introducing a Transforma rotary grater that has three extra sharp laser cut drums. The grated or sliced material slides out of the conical drums and into the bowl. It too has an extra high-base for use with high-rimmed bowls, and has a suction foot and table clamps for stability.

Gefu will also offer a set of two additional grater drums for the rotary grater. The crown grater drum has sharp small crowns and is ideal for use with potato pancake dough or for hard cheese thanks to its sharp little crowns to cut food.

In addition, the Bircher grater is designed to create Bircher-style raw muesli, as it has coarse holes that work in opposite directions, and can also be used for cutting tougher items such as potatoes and radishes. The rotary grater can also be transformed into a meat mincer.