Gevilan Partners With Silk’n On Skin Care Tools

Gevilan, a professional personal care brand, has partnered with Silk’n to produce the ElaziR 3D skin tightening device. The skin care tool is designed to visibly reduce and reverse sagging skin and wrinkles, the company said.

The new skin care tool employs Silk’n’s Home Tightening (HT) skin technology, a type of non-invasive cosmetic technique to tighten skin.

The Gevilan ElaziR 3D skin care tool consists of an infrared ray, red LED light and radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen and effectively refresh skin. The infrared ray works 0.5-mm beneath the surface of the skin to remove skin barriers, strengthen skin brightness and repair dullness, grease and acne, the company said. The red LED light functions 1.8-mm beneath the surface of the skin to activate cellular activity for healthier skin. The radio frequency acts 4-mm beneath the surface of the skin to generate heat that stimulates regeneration of collagen and is said to prevent the skin from sagging and wrinkling.

In addition to a series of radio frequency cosmetic instruments, Gevilan is also working with scientists from Silk’n to create Home Pulse Light to provide a hair removal solution. The company also offers high-end SonicPro electric toothbrushes.

“We wanted to offer a more effective and fashionable instrument related to skin beautification. Gevilan cares about the user’s individual expression and hopes each experience provides extraordinary results,” said Jason Yao, CEO, Gevilan.