GfK: Consumers Embrace Mobile Shopping In-Store

Market research firm GfK asked mobile phone users in 23 countries about how they use their mobile phones while shopping a store. The top answers are comparing prices and contacting a friend or family member for advice, at 40% each, and taking pictures of products that they might buy, at 36%, the company reported.

Ranked globally, consumers in the United Stats are eighth most likely to use their phones in comparing prices in store, GfK related. The top 12 are Korea, China, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, the U.S. Spain and Russia. In most countries, the percentage of men and women using their mobile phones while in a store is similar, although men are more likely to do so.

According to GfK, global shoppers ages 20-29 compare prices online while inside a store. As for demographics, the most active group is shoppers aged 20 to 29, with nearly 49% said they regularly use their mobile phones in stores, followed by consumers aged 15 to 19 and 30 to 39, both at 45%.

Adrian Hobbs, GfK managing director of online pricing intelligence, noted, “With significant numbers of shoppers being online whilst they are inside shops, bricks-and-mortar outlets need to respond. Having a close and real-time eye on the pricing of online competitors and reacting quickly are now key success factors for physical retailers, as well as online ones. This is especially true for retailers in regions such as Asia and South America, as consumers here are most active in using their mobiles while in a store.”