GfK: Older, Younger Millennials Display Differing Shopping Behaviors

Market research firm GfK has reported that older and younger Millennials part company on important points when it comes to shopping.

The younger Generation Z Millennials tracked differently from their Generation Y elders in a range of behaviors including their use of computers for online purchases, GfK reported, citing a study of shopping habits and preferences it conducted.

Generation Y, which GfK has encompassing ages 25 to 34, and Z, ages 18 to 24, referred to collectively as Millennials, are much more likely to report, for example, that they made a purchase via a smartphone than Baby Boomers. Still, they track somewhat differently, with the figures at 31% and 34% for Gens Y and Z.

In comparison, 7% of Boomers and 15% of Gen X, ages 35 to 50, reported making a purchase on a smart phone.

When it comes to making purchases with a desktop or laptop computer, however, Gen Y and the Boomers registered similar levels, at 40% and 43% respectively, while Gen Z came in at just 32%.