Gibson Partners With YouTube Chef Andrew Rea

As social media and influencers have become increasingly important to driving consumer experience, Gibson Overseas has entered into a partnership with YouTube star Andrew Rea, host of “Binging With Babish” and “Basics With Babish.”

Filmed in his Brooklyn, NY-based kitchen, self-taught home chef Rea began his YouTube channel out of a desire to experiment in the kitchen as well as teach home cooks to not be intimidated by trying something new. Rea, who has more than 7.95 million YouTube subscribers, is most well-known for his series featuring dishes from television and movies. “Binging With Babish” features foods such as the meat tornado from “Parks & Rec,” enchiladas from “Schitts Creek” and triple gooberberry sunrise from “SpongeBob SquarePants.” “Basics With Babish” covers basic dishes, like hash browns and lamb chops, as well as cooking techniques.

Rea explained that the collaboration with Gibson was hands-on as far as development, which enabled both himself and Gibson to come up with final products that both were confident in. He explained that the products are reflective of both his personality and his cooking style.

“They worked with me on every hair-brained idea I could have had and did everything they could to try to make it work. The initial launch is more than I even imagined it would be and the collection has grown into a comprehensive set of items,” he said.

He explained that there are thoughtful considerations taken with each product— all of which reflect the way he cooks— to ensure his audience is able to have an enjoyable experience in their own home. One of these product design considerations includes tapered edges of each pan so that when whisking, the food doesn’t catch in the pan, and whisks that have increased utilitarian value.

“I tested all of the products myself. I use them constantly and test them strenuously because I want to make tools that I would use. People have trusted me with their kitchens for a long time now. It’s very important to me to be able to fulfill their expectations, but that the products are also accessible and are of the utmost quality and utility,” he said.

The cookware collection is mixed medium and features stainless steel, carbon steel and non-stick cookware within the same set, something that Rea feels will separate the Babish-branded goods from others on the market.

According to Gibson, this is the company’s first venture into working with an influencer solely in the online segment. However, this is an important step for the company, allowing it to tap into the younger demographic of consumers that are heavily influenced by self-taught content creators.

Rea noted that the housewares, which he’s been showing on his YouTube channel during the last few months, have already created a buzz with his audience, which has made him even more excited to be able to launch the brand.

“These products are built to make things fun in the kitchen. I like to tell my audience that it’s OK to make mistakes, but you may as well have fun doing it,” Rea said.

Beginning with anchor categories cookware and cutlery, products will begin rolling out during the fourth quarter. Products in other housewares categories will begin debuting through 2021.

For more on Gibson and Babish, see the October 12, 2020, issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.