Douglas Quikut Expands Ginsu Brand Sales Focus

Douglas Quikut has expanded its Ginsu brand’s sales focus to include Canada and the Caribbean. The company is partnering with PremStar Inc. on sales in those regions.

The full Ginsu cutlery line of over 100 SKU’s will be offered. This includes new products such as Ginsu’s dishwasher safe cutlery, BioWood cutlery and the Huetopia collection that features a variety of multi-color knife sets.

Each multi-colored handled set comes with a wood knife block in espresso black or golden honey. The knife handles are available in pomegranate red, orange spice, sunset yellow, lime green, oceania teal or presidential blue. In addition, Ginsu has launched two-toned color knife handles.

Ginsu’s new dishwasher-safe knives are said to be able to stand up to today’s high-efficiency dishwashers and detergents and do not need sharpening, according to the company.