GIR Launching Kickstarter Campaign For Smart Coffee Grinder

GIR is launching a Kickstarter campaign for its battery-operated coffee bean grinder, Voltaire.

The coffee grinder is WiFi- and app-connected, serving to remind coffee drinkers about the freshness of their coffee and automatically reorder beans from the user’s favorite roaster when quantities are low.

According to the company, the unit features a connected hopper that measures coffee bean freshness and volume. The device’s integrated sensors will alert the user when beans have run low or are past their prime.

The grinder’s rechargeable batteries are designed to grind through three pounds of beans and hold a charge for more than two weeks, according to the company. Ceramic burrs grind at a low RPM to minimize noise and heat transfer.

Voltaire’s hopper will hold up to 1.5-cups of coffee, which the company said is enough for approximately 12 cups of drip coffee or nine espresso doubleshots.