GIR Offers Kickstarter Credit For Silicone Drink Covers

GIR drink covers, a silicone mug-sized drink cover that began as a product idea on a Kickstarter campaign, is now available at The Container Store, and purchasing one comes with a Kickstarter-related rebate.

Every approved purchase of the drink covers, verified by emailing a copy of the receipt to GIR, which have a suggested retail price of $7.99 at The Container Store, will earn the purchaser a $10 credit to be used for GIR’s next Kickstarter campaign, which has not yet been announced but is coming in early 2016.

Additionally, purchasers who include a screenshot of a tweet, Facebook, or Instagram post about GIR and The Container Store will receive another $5 credit. Customers can receive an additional $5 credit by writing a review of the drink cover on The Container Store’s website.