GIR Starts Kickstarter Campaign For New Kitchen Tools

Get It Right (GIR) has initiated a Kickstarter campaign for its latest assortment of kitchenware.

GIR has debuted peelers, mashers, basting brushes, nonstick tongs and spaghetti spoons, based on customer feedback from previous Kickstarter backers.  The company said it is offering the following packages for those interested in backing the new tools: a starter set, utility set, and kitchen drawer set that includes all of the new items.

The peeler, said the company, comes in Y-handle and I-handle configurations to accommodate different peeling styles and grip preferences. Integrated potato-eye removers tackle hard-to-reach spots, and are included on the back of the I-handle and both sides of the Y-handle peeler for ambidextrous use. Flat, serrated, and julienne blades match up to different veggies and applications.

The perforated masher has sharp cutouts in its plate to cut through large potatoes or puree fruit for baby food. It can also crush difficult foods like small, slippery beans. The wire masher uses a strong steel extrusion that is ideal for chunky mashed potatoes or guacamole.

Meanwhile the new spaghetti spoon has a flexible front edge to squish into tight corners and grab noodles. The center drainage holes are small enough to prevent macaroni from slipping through, but big enough to drain quickly. Nine teeth are spaced out for maximum scooping efficiency.

The new tools are estimated to be delivered in November.