Give Them Something To Celebrate

The HomeWorld Business team lately has received several press announcements on housewares companies celebrating anniversaries.

It’s not unusual, of course, for companies to mark milestones with press events, special packaging logos and/or limited-edition products and promotions that invite added trade and consumer attention.

Marketing Currency

But there is more marketing currency to be gained perhaps from such occasions during this uneven and uncertain competitive period, when merely making it to the next year relatively unscathed can feel like a monumental accomplishment for many.

Beyond the normal feel-good vibe surrounding notable anniversaries, such junctures attest to staying power and adaptability. These are the types of business attributes that should shine brightly but sometimes get lost in the fog of daily negotiations that can douse the enterprising spirit upon which this business continues to be built.

Resolve is complicated when each day seems to present an unprecedented concern. At what industry will Amazon aim its wrecking ball next after its recent charge into grocery and meal-kit delivery? Can a merged QVC/HSN reinvent and save the TV shopping business? Will Sears Holdings make it through another Christmas? Where will the next wave of store closings hit? Etc. Etc.

The Ultimate Differentiator

Amplifying the legacy of a company can help cut through the fog. Such history might be the ultimate differentiator. It can be a source of authenticity that doesn’t just resonate with aging shoppers, but also with younger consumers that appreciate such originality in what can seem like a sea of sameness.

Durability, reliability and accountability matter much more to these home starters than mere sentimentality. In telling a company’s story, don’t dwell on the timeline of accomplishments. Rather, use that as the foundation for legitimizing what’s to come.

And while an anniversary message is more likely to be conceived with consumers in mind— especially with so many direct ways to reach consumers now— it should also be adapted to showcase a business as a die-hard, dedicated trade partner. Retailers need unique stories, too, and they can be pivotal links in making sure the message connects with their customers.

Exceptional Veterans

We often celebrate the housewares business as a welcoming place for exceptional newcomers. What’s even more exceptional is witnessing the startups that blossom into seasoned veterans.

Long-term guarantees are difficult, if not impossible, to come by in today’s uncertain marketplace. That is why there is a tangible marketing advantage beyond the usual celebratory good will to be seized by companies that reach 10, 25, 50 and 100 years or more in this business.

All of those anniversary announcements we’ve received this year might seem to some to be inconsequential PR fodder. They matter more than you might think.