GoPure Develops Portable Water Purifier

GoPure has developed a portable water purifier, the GoPure Pod, which the company will debut at the upcoming NY Now market in New York City.

According to the company, the purifier pod can be placed into any water vessel, such as a water bottle, pitcher or coffeemaker. It includes patented and all natural PuriBloc technology, which features a highly porous ceramic core that removes impurities, releases trace minerals and optimizes pH balance, the company said. It is said to help eliminate lead, arsenic, fluoride, chlorine, e.coli, chromium and other contaminates.

Additionally, the brand is a member of 1 Percent for the Planet and donates a portion of sales to marine life nonprofit partners.

“Many people have made the sustainable switch to a reusable water bottle, but are now wondering how to ensure they drink clean water from these bottles. Our pod is the first portable water purifier that is brand agnostic and works continuously to bring the idea of healthy hydration full circle,” said GoPure founder, Kent Atherton. “It’s a perfect add-on accessory to include with reusable water bottles along with a do-good mission, something that mindful consumers are increasingly more passionate about sharing with people who drink water, which is everyone.”

The pods last six months and retails for $24.95 at Amazon and over 270 specialty retail stores across the country, the company said.