Gourmet Catalog Announces 2010 Advisory Panels

Gourmet Catalog & Buying Group today announced its Advisory Panel Members for 2010. Advisory Panel Members are called upon to help develop new programs, set exclusive product and build stronger relationships between store and vendor members. They also mentor fellow members when their expertise is needed.
“Store Advisory Panel Members play a key role in the acceleration of growth, both as a Group and for our individual members,” said Janis Johnson, president and founder of Gourmet Catalog. “Their position on the frontlines of retail ideally places them for product development and the evaluation of issues. Vendor Advisors keep the Group up to date on the industry from a separate perspective.”
The members of the three Gourmet Catalog Advisory Panels for 2010 are:
Board & Basket: Drew & Claire Nelson; Cook’s Warehouse: Mary Moore; Cooking.com: Larry Sales & Alexandra Mack; Cucina Fresca: Gwen Uhlig; Extra Ingredient: Art & Martha Nading; Gourmet Pantry: Ed and Jane Fowler; Kitchen & Spice: Wanda Denny; Kitchen Window: Doug & Lia Huemoeller; Kitchenware Outfitters: David & Barbara Freeman; Sign of the Bear: Laura and Stephen Havlek

A Cook’s Companion: Jennifer Baron; Cooks’Wares: Paul Fricke, Mary Fricke and Steve Fricke; Kitchen Kapers: Bob Kratchman, Rick Kratchman, Ron Kratchman, and Frankie Franceshini; KitchenArt: Larry Oates; Love to Cook: Chris Beykirch; Tags: Simon Shapiro and Mardi Moran; William Glen: Bill Snyder and Mark Snyder

Capresso: David Shull; Chef’n: Michael Purcell; Harold Import Company: Robert Laub; WMF Americas: Wayne Ackerson