Gourmia Adds Electric Spiralizer

Gourmia has launched an electric Super Spiralizer (model GES580).

Designed for both speed and safety, the spiralizer is said to be a contemporary replacement for the manual spiralizer, allowing users to create healthy pasta-like vegetable spirals to garnishes and curly fries.

“Our new Gourmia electric Super Spiralizer is one of the only electric spiralizers on the market, everything else is manual,” said Sam Ash, Gourmia chief marketing officer. “Foodies and epicureans will love being able to make plated-food presentations as enticing as professional chefs. Likewise, busy moms will love its convenience and ease of operation as well as moms of finicky kids, who aren’t quite sure about eating those funny looking things called vegetables.”

With both noodle and ribbon blades, the spiralizer can spiral foods like sweet potatoes, squash, beets, apples, carrots, zucchini and more. It includes a wide-mouth feeder tube and removable, easy-to-clean container. The Gourmia Super Spiralizer is available at Amazon, Kohl’s and BJ’s for a holiday sale price of $39.99.