Green House Award World Kitchen (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd. Snapware Eco-Flip

World Kitchen’s Snapware branded Eco-Flip bottle, the Green House Award winner at this year’s Housewares Design Awards, was “designed to survive an active urban lifestyle while being stylish enough for consumers to proudly display their eco-awareness and healthy habits,” Along Lee, industrial design manager, World Kitchen, told HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.

The Eco-Flip bottle fits into the design language of the Snapware brand, in that its products are “designed to appeal to consumers with busy on-the-go lifestyles where style, function and ease of use are important. The design is highlighted by eye-catching colors.” The Snapware Eco-Flip bottles are available in green, cyan, pink and tangerine.

As with its Snapware food storage, the lid on the bottle is a key signature element of its design, with its hook lid and flip-off cover. A silicone sleeve is soft and it was designed to be slim and pleasing to hold. The lid flips open easily with a single motion to reveal a glass spout.

Snapware is known for its food storage, however, Lee said hydration bottles are a “natural extension” of the brand. “Based on market research studies, we know that the beverage container segment is as equally an important business as food storage,” he said. “We saw an opportunity for a portable glass water bottle that was fun to use, stylish, secure and easy to open and close.”

One design challenge is that the product needed to pass stringent impact testing to protect the glass bottle from occasional knocks and damage. In order to do this a silicone sleeve was designed, which was necessary to remove for cleaning but snug enough to stay put while in use. The base was reinforced to provide additional protection. The cap needed to be developed to both provide a watertight seal and be easy to open, he said.

As for incorporating a “green” element into the design, said Lee, “the basic tenet of the product was to encourage consumers to take beverages, especially water, with them so its objective was already eco-friendly, in promoting the avoidance of throwaway plastic bottles.”

He added, “The eco story is that the durability and intuitive design means that consumers will feel good about keeping it for many years and reduce their usage of disposable water bottles that end up in the landfill.”