GreenPan Featured On ‘Modern Living With Kathy Ireland’

Dieter Naessens, president of The Cookware Company, recently made an appearance on the “Modern Living With Kathy Ireland” show to discuss the company’s GreenPan cookware.

Naessens spoke to Ireland about consumer choices and how consumers are struggling to make the best decision for their cooking needs. He asserted that while non-stick is still, “gaining in popularity,” the variety of non-stick cookware designs on the market are not all created equally.

“Confusion in the cookware aisle is probably the biggest hurdle that consumers are facing,” he said. To combat confusion for customers, Naessans said the company not only picked a clear name, but has also had a very clear brand message from the start.

“On our packaging, we try to work with very simple things. This is the way we try to help consumers to understand what healthy cooking involves,” he said.

“GreenPan is an industry leader, offering ceramic, non-stick cookware that is safer for users and results in healthier food. We were excited to talk with this company about their products,” said JL Haber, vp/programming for Modern Living.

The segment aired on the Entertainment Network April 7. It is also slated to air on Bloomberg International on April 10 and April 17.