Gribetz Joins Lenox Board Of Directors

Lester Gribetz has been elected to Lenox Corporation’s board of directors, and will assist the company in transitioning his role as president to a successor.

Gribetz said, “I have enjoyed my time at Lenox, and am proud of the company’s accomplishments and all the terrific colleagues I have worked with. Lenox is the unquestioned design and innovation leader in the tabletop industry, and I feel bittersweet in my decision to pursue new opportunities outside the company. I am pleased to continue on as a director, and I look forward to assisting the company with a smooth transition.”

“Lester is one of the true creative forces in the home fashion, tabletop and housewares industries,” said Peter Cameron, Lenox’s co-chairman and former CEO. “He has an incomparable eye for current trends, and a charisma that has made him endearing to colleagues, customers and suppliers for decades. We are pleased that he will continue on with the company as a director.”