H-P Products Introduces ‘Spider Fighter’ Vacuum Accessory

Central vacuum producer H-P Products is launching the Spider Fighter, an accessory kit for capturing insects as well as vacuuming crown moldings, ceiling fans, vaulted ceiling corners, cabinet tops and more. The Spider Fighter consists of three extension wands and a crevice tool that can extend up to 57 inches.

Insect and arachnid phobia sufferers may appreciate removing pests from afar. Spider Fighter works with any central vacuum system. Users attach the Spider Fighter wands to their vacuum hose, aim it at the arachnid or insect, and let the vacuum system whisk the creature into a sealed dirt canister.

The Spider Fighter also includes a sheet of stickers to decorate the wands.

“Bugs will find a way into your home if they want to. Spider Fighter makes it easy to remove them,” said Amy Wesely, H-P Products marketing manager, in announcing the introduction. “It’s also a great tool for homes with architectural effects such as crown moldings, vaulted ceilings and built-in shelves, since it extends your reach by nearly five feet.”

H-P Products makes central vacuum solutions for environments including homes, condos, RVs and light commercial settings. It sells a range of products through the company’s Dirt Devil, Element, Vacuflo and Vroom brands.