H2O+ Beauty Launches Skin Care Tool

H2O+ Beauty has launched the MiLi Moisture Meter, a tool to measure skin hydration levels.

With the measurement capabilities of the skin care tool, consumers can observe the effectiveness of the company’s hydrating skin care products and tailor their skin care routines to their exact needs, the company said.

“The MiLi Moisture Meter further realizes our overarching goal of meeting the needs of today’s consumer with products that are clinically proven to boost hydration,” said Joy Chen, CEO, H2O+ Beauty. “Our consumers are well-informed and tech-savvy, seeking a deeper understanding of the myriad products vying for their attention— yet often unaware of their skin’s true hydration level. We are able to satisfy their need with this new tool, inspired by the tracking capabilities of wearable fitness technology.”

Starting in June, the MiLi Moisture Meter will be available for purchase as a bundle, at $45 with the company’s Oasis Hydrating Treatment or $49 with the Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream.